Replacement parts:

Yes, if you are interested in purchasing a replacement insert or cover for your pet bed, please click here .
If you would like to order a replacement part for your cat tree, please contact us here

Replacement covers:

Yes, replacements covers are available for purchase. You can find a replacement parts list for pet beds under each items product description.


    • jowin.majestic Reply

      Hi Rhonda,

      Yes, the replacement covers are available for purchase on the product page. Please select the option “cover replacement” and then click on the add to cart button.

      Kind Regards,
      Majestic Pet Products

    • jowin.majestic Reply

      Hi Sandi,

      Yes, you can purchase a replacement cushion. Simply look for the bed on our site and on the product page, there will be an option for you to purchase a replacement cover or cushion.

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