Care and washing instructions for all pet beds can be found HERE.

For an in-depth instructional video on how to wash your bagel bed, click HERE.


  • How do I wash a majestic pet bed that does not have a zipper cover? Can the entire bed go in the washer and dryer?

    • jowin.majestic Reply

      Hi Morgan,

      Place the entire bed into open-drum washing machines and wash on cool / cold cycle. Do not use washing machines with agitators. For drying, place entire bed into dryer and dry on low heat or air dry.

      Kind Regards,
      Majestic Pet Products

    • Ryan Swisher Reply

      So can the beds with a removable cover have the insert washed? I noticed a comment about the entire bed being washed (without removable cover) and wanted to clarify if the inserts were different. Our dog had an accident on it, soaked through just a bit, and I cleaned it best I could.

      • Hi Ryan,

        Yes you can wash the cover separately, please zip the zipper back all the way before putting in the wash an air dry. There are video instructions in the FAQ page on the website as well.

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